Course curriculum

    1. WATCH: The challenges of hybrid work

    2. SHARE: What is difficult for you?

    1. WATCH: What are personal user manuals

    2. SHARE: What time of day are you most productive? Why?

    3. EXAMPLES: Personal user manuals

    4. WATCH: Interview highlight with Teo Härén, author of Härabete

    5. WATCH: Rebecca Seal on Remote Life Balance

    6. SHARE: What does your ideal workspace look like?

    7. WATCH: Personal User Manuals

    1. WATCH: Why and how to make team agreements

    2. EXAMPLE: Collaboration Superpowers Team Agreement

    3. WATCH: Interview highlight with Darren Murph, Head of Remote (GitLab)

    4. EXAMPLE: GitLab Handbook

    5. EXAMPLE: GitLab Values

    6. WATCH: Time-Boxed Agreements with Ali Greene

    7. SHARE: Do you have a team agreement? What was your experience like?

    1. WATCH: Fewer and better meetings

    2. SHARE: What are your techniques for reducing and improving hybrid meetings?

    1. WATCH: Personal connection & team building

    2. WATCH: Interview highlight with Carlos Valdes-Dapena, author of Virtual Teams

    3. SHARE: What motivates you?

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